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Password Information:

Password Information regarding Active Directory (Email, etc.) passwords at 365英国上市官网:

  • The first time you attempt to access your email account, you will be asked to enter information that will be used later if you ever forget your password. 如果稍后您需要返回并更改您输入的信息,请 click here.
  • If you need to change your password, log into your email account (from the drop down menu under “my365英国上市官网” at the top of the 365英国上市官网 website) and then click on your name in the upper right corner and choose “My Account”. Then select “Security and Privacy”. 
  • If you have forgotten your password and need to reset it, please go to the Email login page (365英国上市官网 website under my365英国上市官网) and select “Can’t access your account?” or, click here.
  • Mandatory password changing will occur periodically.
  • 如果你觉得你的密码被泄露了,你可能会更频繁地更改它.
  • Passwords may be reused only after two prior changes.

Passwords must meet the following criteria

  • Be between 7 and 20 characters in length
  • 至少包含以下4项中的3项大写字母
  • Lowercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Special characters i.e. !@#$%^&*

Reminder messages from the system to change your password will come several days before it expires.




    Adjustments for the User Interface 4.4

    An upgrade to the Colleague User Interface has been installed.  在查看屏幕、记录等时,没有什么不同.

    When you log in, you will probably see User Interface 4.4 displayed.  The upgrade has installed version 4.5. 

    This is a known Internet Explorer issue.  Basically, your browser is caching the old version, even though a newer one has been installed.

    To correct the problem, please do the following: 

    Open Internet Explorer, and click the cogwheel in the upper-right hand section of the browser: 

    1. Choose Internet Options, and make sure the "General" tab is selected.
    2. Click "Settings" under Browsing History.
    3. Under Check for newer versions of stored pages: click Every time I visit the webpage. Finally, click "OK" at the bottom.
    4. Reload the User Interface web page. Verify that the web page has "Colleague UI By Ellucian" on it and contains the link Click here to launch UI 4.5

    If you are prompted to install the latest version of Silverlight, please do so. This will force a reload of the UI 4.5 login box and display the correct version. 但是,如果此时收到错误,请发送电子邮件给365英国上市官网 IT帮助台, [email protected], or call at extension 3033, option 2.

    Remember, the link to the Colleague User Interface may be found by clicking on the "My 365英国上市官网" link at the top of this page and choosing the "Colleague" link.


    Faculty and Staff label download instruction

    This document describes the steps necessary to transfer the Faculty/Staff label files from Colleague to your PC using UI.

    Step 1.
    Label File Creation in Colleague:

    Steps to Download the file to your PC

    Step 2.
    After logging into the system point to the task bar labeled "Options" and click the left mouse button. This will pull down the options task list. Point to "Import File" and click the left mouse button.

    **IMAGE 1**

    Step 3.
    Populate the fields like the example below. The "Items:" field is your Faculty/Staff file name within Colleague and the "Local file:" is what you want to call it on your PC. You can save the screen below after you populate it. You might save it as filetransfer.然后每次你想要导入文件到你的电脑时使用它.

    Faculty/Staff Label file name legend:

    FACSTF – Faculty/Staff, full and part time
    FACULTYFP – Faculty, full and part time
    FACULTYF – Faculty full time
    FACULTYP – Faculty part time
    STAFFFP – Staff full and part time
    STAFFF – Staff full time
    STAFFP – Staff part time

    **IMAGE 2**

    Step 4.
    Click 'OK' to transfer the file and if everything transfers correctly the "Status:" should indicate the file transfer finished ok, click the "Exit" button to exit the screen. 这将使您返回到开始该过程的正常UI屏幕. Your file transfer is now complete.

    ** IMAGE 3**

    Step 5.

    • Open MS Word, go to the Mailings, Start Mail Merge, Labels
    • Under "Label vendors" choose Avery US Letter, 点击“产品编号”栏中的5162,然后按“确定”
    • 现在点击:选择收件人,然后点击“使用现有列表”
    • Go to the appropriate drive, find your file and click "Open".
    • Then click "Insert Merge Field" and insert each field one at a time to create the label format. 注意:请确保光标位于文档的左上角.
    • Click on the "Update Labels" icon
    • Click Preview Results and then Preview Results
    • Click "Finish & Merge" and then "Print Document"
    • 在“合并到打印机”栏中,确保勾选了“全部”圈,然后按“确定”

    Important information about Colleague Web User Interface

    Colleague's Web UI 4.3 (web user interface) currently only works with the Microsoft IE (internet explorer) browser.

    预计稍后的更新将允许Firefox和Chrome作为可选浏览器. 同样,Safari的MAC用户将无法访问Web UI 4.3 at this time.

    Continue to the Colleague Site.

Emergency Text Messages:


    How do I get campus emergency text messages?

    Sign-up for Campus Emergency Text Messages


    Login to your TheSIS Account
    Select “Change Personal Information”

    Sign-up for Campus Emergency Text Messages-Employees


    Login to your TheSIS Account
    Select “Change Personal Information”

    Sign-up for Campus Emergency Text Messages-Students

    Next, fill-in your cell phone number with area code.

    Select "Cell Phone" from the Type dropdown box.

    Then, enter up to two "Emergency Contact Email" addresses along with one "Emergency Phone" number.

    Click "Submit" to save your record.

    Final steps

Equipment Reservations:


    Laptop/Projector/Screen Checkout

    How do I check out a laptop/projector/screen?

    图书馆有几台笔记本电脑和投影仪供校园使用. This equipment is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    通过电子邮件或电话x4740与图书馆的Eric Kennedy联系以预订图书.



    All About Campus Computer Labs


    Olin 201、Olin 204和诺顿中心实验室24小时开放. All other labs are open when their buildings are open.

    Open access labs:

    Humanities 118
    Library (all three floors)
    Norton Center Lab
    Olin 204

    Specialized use labs with some open access times:

    Harbert 301
    Humanities 118
    Olin 104
    Olin 201
    Stevens Science Center 240

    Specialized use labs:

    Harbert 126/Education Lab
    Hill 41/Music Lab
    Humanities 122/Language Lab
    Humanities 102/Writing Center
    Olin 103/ARC Tutoring
    Annex 122/Art Lab

    File saving in labs

    When in labs, do not save your files on that local computer. Save to your flash drive or an online storage area. When a lab computer reboots or during a power outage, all extra files are automatically removed.



    Mapping a Network Drive


    What if my data connection is not working?

    Our department is responsible for campus network infrastructure and network services for faculty/staff/lab computers. We make sure that the data connections all over campus are active and ready for use by students, faculty and staff. 对于Resnet连接,请联系Apogee x3033(选项1)或1-877-478-8861.

    Mapping a Network Drive

    How do I map a network drive?

    map a drive

    Use the following instructions to map a network drive:

    1. 右键单击桌面上的“我的电脑”图标,选择“映射网络驱动器”.."
    2. Choose a drive letter from the drop-down list that isn't already mapped(no path is listed beside the drive letter).

      You may simply type or paste the path name
      (Example: \\appserve\directorypath) into the folder field (see above image) or continue with the following steps:
    3. Choose "browse" and then select the desired network directory. 

      *选择“浏览”后,进入列表中的“校园”,选择+ to 
      expand "campus".
      *then scroll thru the list to find "appserve". 
      *then choose the + to expand "appserve".
      *then scroll thru the list until you find "directorypath".
      *choose "ok" and then choose "finish".

      A mapped drive to this directory will now be available by double-clicking the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. You will see the drive listed.

      **Note: There is no "directorypath" directory. This is just an example of how to map to a drive.



    Moodle Login Information for Students at 365英国上市官网


    Image1Go to

    Type in your username
    Type in your password
    Click Login

    (info provided in letter from Admissions Department)

    To update your password, click on the Password Change link under My365英国上市官网 at the top of this page.

    Image 2A list of the courses that you are enrolled in will appear. 点击课程名称进入课程并查找资料.

    If one of your courses isn't listed, one of the following may be true,

    1. The faculty member for that course has not made the course available yet or doesn't intend to use Moodle.
    2. 你还没有在我们档案部正式注册这门课程.
    3. You just enrolled in the course today. Tonight after midnight you should be added to the course and it will appear in your listing by tomorrow morning.


    Image 3If you login and see this, one of these things may be true.

    1. 你的课程还没有教师提供他们的Moodle课程.
    2. None of the faculty for your courses plan to use Moodle.
    3. 您没有正式注册365英国上市官网记录系的任何课程. Please contact the records dept to officially enroll.




    College Owned – How do I submit a Technology Proposal?

    In order to more effectively plan for technology needs, both in the classroom and the office, 为批准新技术提案,已建立以下表格. 学术性质的建议将被转发给教务长进行审查. If the proposal will affect more than one department (i.e. a new general purpose lab or classroom), or if a question of priority is raised it will be sent to the IT Faculty Advisory Committee to obtain input from all interested parties. 然后,委员会的建议可纳入提案.


    • A new computer, piece of hardware, server, server-based software, server storage, backup equipment, or phone facility (lab or classroom) for the department
    • 现有实验室或数据/电信设施的新设备或线路
    • Construction of new or relocation of existing facilities that require any type of data or telecommunication equipment.  所有新设施都必须包括电气和数据连接.
    • New campus services that require data or telecommunication services such as online registration or a campus card system or anything that may use these services.
    • Software purchases (both for individual pcs or servers)

    The IT department meets each Thursday at 2:00 (except on holidays and unforeseen circumstances). New tech proposals are discussed at that time. Please complete your form submission by noon on Wednesday to be considered in our Thursday meetings. 您可以期待在提交提案后的周一进行初步沟通. 如果有必要让it部门收到此提案的附件, please use the "Choose File" field at the bottom of the form, or send an email with the file(s) to [email protected] and use 365英国上市官网 Technology Proposal for the subject line.

    Note: All fields are required. 如果某个问题不适用于您的请求,请输入N/ a.

    Fill out this online form.


    Purchasing a Computer

    Birmingham-Southern College, Apple, Dell, and Varsity Buys have teamed up to offer students, faculty and staff the ability to purchase computer systems for personal use at special prices with exclusive discounts and promotions. For more information, visit:



    Faculty/Staff dialing information

    Using Your Phone Service


    Call Processing For Single-Line Phones


    • While on a call, switchhook flash
    • Hear special dialtone
    • Dial the number
    • Announce the caller in privacy
    • Hang up

    Call Forward:

    To activate:

    • Lift handset
    • Dial *9
    • Hear regular dial tone
    • 呼叫前转的拨号(必要时可拨出9字冠)
    • Hang up

      To Deactivate:

    • Lift handset
    • Dial #9
    • Hear no dial tone- silence
    • Hang up

    Last Number Redial:

    • Lift the handset
    • Hear dial tone
    • Dial #7

    (The number is automatically dialed)

    Three-Way Dialing:

    • While on a call, switchhook flash
    • Hear the special dial tone
    • Dial the number
    • Announce the conference
    • Switchhook flash to connect the three callers
    • Hang up when the conference is completed

    Call Waiting:

    • During a conversation hear two quick beeps
    • To answer the other line, switchhook flash
    • First call is put on hold, second call is connected
    • Subsequent switchhook flashes alternate between the callers.


    Faculty/Staff Dialing Information

    Call Pickup *7
    Call Forward *9
    Call Forward-Cancel #9
    Permanent Hold *4
    Last Number Redial #7
    Park *3
        Retrieve #3
    Ring Again *6
        Cancel #6
    To Log on to Voice Mail
    Enter 3099 or press message key
    After Prompt: enter extension #
    After Prompt: enter password + #
    After tone: Record greeting, then press #
    Press 2 to play recorded greetings
    Press 3098
    After Prompt: Press number to receive message #
    After tone: Record message, hang up
    Dial 226-3099, then follow LOG ON instructions
    TO LOG OFF: Enter 83

    On-Campus Dialing

    Local Dialing:
    9 + 7 DIGIT NUMBER

    You will be charged for the following types of calls:

    Long Distance:

    International Calls:
    9 + 011 + COUNTRY CODE + CITY CODE + LOCAL #


    Qwest Customer Service:
    If problems dialing long distance, 1-800-860-8255
    (24 hrs. a day)

    Non-Qwest Calling Card Calls:
    9 + 0 = BellSouth Operator
    9 + 00 = Qwest Operator

    Other Common Carriers (OCC):
    9 + 10XXX + 0 + AREA CODE + 7 DIGIT NUMBER

    请与您的运营商联系以获取有关其接入号码的信息, surcharges, usage rates, billing information, and other available services.


    Faculty/Staff Conference Phone Information

    伯明翰南方航空公司没有内部能力进行电话会议.  We have identified several vendors that members of our campus community use with great success.  Please feel free to contact any of the parties below to assist you with your conference calling needs.


    Faculty/Staff Voice Mail User Guide

    有关365英国上市官网电话系统的更多信息可供参考 above.

    To Log On:

    From your telephone:
    Lift handset. Dial MMail Access Number or Press Message Key. Hear Mailbox Prompt. Press #. Hear Password Prompt. Enter your password and Press #.

    From other phones on campus:
    Lift handset. Dial MMail Access Number or Press Message Key. Hear Mailbox Prompt. Enter your Mailbox Number and Press #. Hear Password Prompt. Enter Your Password and Press #.

    From off campus: 226-3099
    Lift handset. Dial MMail Access Number. Hear Mailbox Prompt. Enter your mailbox number and Press #. Hear Password Prompt. Enter your password and Press #.

    To Retrieve Messages:

    Play/Replay a Message:
    After log on, hear message description. Press 2-Message is played. Hear "End of Message" prompt. Press 2. Hear "Start of Message" prompt-message is replayed. Press 2. to play a message you move forward or backward to.

    Delete/Restore a Message:
    按76删除当前消息,并进入下一条消息. 要在注销MMail之前恢复已删除的消息,请重新访问该消息并拨打76.

    To Change a Password:

    After log-on, dial 84. Hear new password prompt. Enter new password and press #. Hear new password prompt. Enter new password and press #. Hear old password prompt. Enter old password and press #. Hear confirmation prompt.

    To Record a Spoken Name:

    After log-on, dial 89. Hear personal verification prompt. Press 5. Hear Tone. Record your name. Press # to finish. Hear personal verification prompt.

    To Compose/Send Messages:

    After log-on, dial 75. Hear mailbox prompt. Enter mailbox number to receive message and press #. (The same message may be sent to more than one mailbox. To delete/correct a just entered mailbox number, press 0#.) Press # a second time. Dial 5. Hear tone. Record message. Press # to finish. Dial 79 to send. Hear "Message Sent" prompt.

    For Express Messaging:

    Dial 3098. Hear mailbox prompt. Enter mailbox number to receive message and press #. Hear mailbox verification and prompt to record. Record message after the tone. Hang up when finished.

    To Create:

    External Greeting:
    After log-on, dial 82. Hear external/internal greeting prompt. Dial 1. Dial 5. Hear tone. Record greeting. Press # to finish. Press 2 to play and review the greeting you recorded.

    Internal Greeting:
    After log-on, dial 82. Hear external/internal greeting prompt. Dial 2. Dial 5. Hear tone. Record greeting. Press # to finish. Press 2 to play and review the greeting you recorded.

    Temporary Absence Greetings
    After log-on, dial 82. Hear external/internal greeting prompt. Dial 1 for external greeting. Dial 2 for internal greeting. Dial 3 for temporary greeting. If you want to hear your current greeting, dial 2. Dial 5. Hear tone. Record greeting. Press # to finish. Press 2 to play and review the greeting you recorded. 设置临时缺勤欢迎辞有效期拨打9. Enter the month, day and time, pressing # after each entry. For the current month or day, press # only. For the standard expiry time of 12:01 a.m. with any future date, press # for time. Pressing # # # sets "no expiry." To exit, dial 4.

    To Delete a Greeting:
    After log-on, dial 82. Hear external/internal greeting prompt. Enter greeting number (1=external, 2=internal). Dial 76. Hear Delete Prompt.

    Voice Mail Hints:

    * Press "0" at any time for help
    * Keep mailbox cleaned out so caller can leave a message
    *使用特快专递号码3098留言,无需拨打电话. (Like late at night.)



    How can I access my TheSIS account?

    You may access TheSIS by going to the header area of most 365英国上市官网 webpages and clicking My365英国上市官网 and choosing TheSIS from the dropdown choices.

    NOTE: If you have tried too many times to log into TheSIS with an incorrect username or password, the system will lock you out for 10 minutes. 如果您在10分钟间隔内再次尝试,时钟将被重置. You must wait 10 complete minutes.


    MyBudget in TheSIS

    Here is the screen displayed initially that allows you to select your perspective in TheSIS.

    ** Image 1**


    From this screen you'll notice 2 options under Financial Information.

    • Budget selection allows you to specify the selection criteria for reporting.
    • Budget summary displays the account information that you have available with the appropriate links to drill down into the details.

    Notice all underlined words in the TheSIS menus represent links to which one can find more information. This is true the deeper you progress into the screens as well.

    ** Image 2**

    Budget Selection

    The major points of interest on this screen are the Save GL Component Selection checkbox and the Fiscal Year drop down box.

    • Save GL Component Selection allows one to enter the normal account subsets most often used so they may be retained. 保存后,您只需访问此屏幕即可进行更改. This will speed up the process during subsequent visits by allowing you to go directly to the Summary Screen, as it uses this information to locate the data presented.
    • Fiscal Year is now in a drop down box, which allows for years other than the current open year to be viewed. While only one year at a time can be viewed it is extremely helpful to be able to view the past year, for example, during the time of transition into a new budget.

    Notice in the example given that the Funds, Departments and Objects can all be specified. If you leave the object blank, all accounts for the department(s) selected will be returned. The Projects item is not utilized currently and may be ignored. Up to 5 different items in each category may be used and wildcard selecting is also possiblem, subject to the access security that one has been given. In this case the wildcard of 7 is used in the Objects 项,以便只返回对象代码以7开头的帐户. 请注意,这里没有使用(…)省略号,就像在GUI屏幕中用于通配符一样.

    ** Image 3**

    Budget Summary

    这就是添加的向下钻取能力开始显现的地方. Notice again on this screen as before where underlined items exist. They provide a link to find more details. 通过简单地指向带下划线的项目并单击鼠标,您可以获得更多数据. The Budgeted, Requisitioned, Encumbered and Actual columns all can be detailed into. 在接下来的页面中有几个例子展示了详细程度. You will be able to see the purchase order and even down to the invoice level or as far back as the requisition.

    ** Image 4**


    ** Image 5 **


    ** Image 6 **


    与所有系统一样,有时会出现问题,这个系统也不例外. As you come across issues, 请将问题报告给x3033选项2的帮助台,以便我们解决问题.




    Wireless Locations

    All residential buildings
    SportsCenter/Southern Environmental Center (1)
    Hill Music (2)
    Harbert (3)
    Stephens Science (7)
    Berte Humanities (8)
    Norton Campus Center (9)
    Kennedy Art (10)
    Theatre (11)
    Library (12)
    Bill Battle Coliseum (13)
    Admissions Welcome Center (14)
    Olin (17)
    Bell Tower and Academic Quad (19)
    Alumni Plaza and Fountain (20)
    Urban Environmental Park (52)
    Baseball Stadium (70)
    Soccer Park (72)
    Softball Stadium (75)
    Panther Stadium (Football) (77)

    Campus map